One Design:
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When the Boats are Even, Sails Make the Difference.

Our one-design sails are world famous for their winning speed. Why are Ullman Sails the fastest in so many one-design classes? Our sail makers are top-level competitors. Our sail-development and speed-testing programs are second to none. And our precision sail-cutting, fabric specifications, and quality control insure that each sail is world-class fast.


We know what makes a one-design go. No other sailmaker knows how to develop winning one-design sails the way we do. Our speed-testing and competition-proven approach to sail development results in sails that are fast in straight-line sailing and easy to use on the racecourse (you can concentrate on racing, instead of adjusting your sails).

Choose your one-design class from the menu on the left. The guide will provide you with the basics of tuning your rig and sails. If you have any questions about one design trim that are not answered here, please contact us.

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