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Endurance Dacron

Endurance IntroEndurance sails are Ullman Sails designed specifically for heavy use and blue water cruising. They have additional reinforcements, cloth designed for rugged use, Gore Tenara thread for ultimate seam life, and built with the thought that you are not going to be able to reach a repair facility. These sais are extremely durable.
  • Gore Tenara thread throughout the entire sail, Gore thread is U.V. inert
  • Double leech and luff tapes for extra durability
  • Flutter patches at the end of each seam to reinforce and protect the seams from abuse
  • Slide and hank reinforcements
  • Three rows of triple step stitching on every seam
  • Premium tight weave high modulus woven sailcloth
  • Details 3The Endurance Series is built for blue water cruising. When you are in Mexico or other tropical destinations the wear and abuse the sails take is expediential to the use of sail on a day sailor. These sails take that into account and offer years of worry free sailing so you and your family will enjoy more of the time and encounter less down time and repairs.
  • Gore Tenara Thread through entire sail
  • Double leech and luff tapes
  • Extra Reinforcements at the leech end of every seam (flutter patch)
  • Premium woven polyester
  • Large corner patches
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