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Red Line Asymmetric Spinnakers

Asymmetric Spinnaker

Ullman Sails Red Line Spinnakers are designed by our top of the line design team.  Built for efficiency and speed.  Easy to trim and getting the boat up to speed.

Optimized for smoother, aerodynamic flow that generates power and performance, translating into better boats speed around the course.

Designed for all downwind wind angles and velocity.

Code 0- Recently became famous as an asymmetric spinnaker that works like a genoa.

Code 1A 55-90 AWA

Code 2A 80-140 AWA

Code 3A 75-130 AWA

Code 4A 130-170 AWA

Code 5A 100-130 AWA

Ullman Sails Vectran Clew

Most of or Red Line Asymmetrical Spinnakers include:

Airx Cloth from Bainbridge International

Gybulator tack fitting

Vectran clew strop



Designed for each wind velocity from 0 to 45 knots.  We balance the cloth for each specific use based on our computer analysis of loads and cloth characteristics.

Added strong panel in foot to resist tearing while gybing.

Vectran luff lines

Tri-Radial throughout entire sail

Computer designed and tested


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