Sail Trim:

Sail Trim Tips and Techniques

How to optimize power and pointing

Ullman Sails Trim Guides give you trimming advice, tips and techniques for each of your sails that will improve your sailing experience.  We have detailed the trim controls for each sail, what these controls do and how they effect sail-shape and boat handling.  Proper trim increases the power and efficiency of your sails. You'll sail faster, point higher and enjoy greater control and confidence.

These sail trim guides are not just for racers.  Understanding sail trim also makes cruising a lot more enjoyable, allowing you to reach your destination faster and in greater comfort.

Ullman Sails is dedicated to servicing the entire sailing community. We provide not only the highest quality sails but the ability to get the most out of them.  We hope you find these guides useful and we are available at all times to answer any other questions you may have.  Check our FAQ section as well; it is loaded with great information!

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Sail Trim tips and tuning