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Ullman Sails T-Shirt Night
Wed, 20th Jun 2018
It was a great night out sailing Ullman Sails T-Shirt Night during the CRA Beer Can Series.  Thank you all that participated.  Do not forget about Ullman Sails CRA Halloween Regatta in Oc
T-Shirt Wednesday
Thu, 31st May 2018
Wednesday June 20th is Ullman Sails night at the CRA Beer Can Series.  The Ullman Sails Team members will be out photographing and the pictures will be posted here immediately after the r
Seattle POD Regatta
Thu, 26th May 2016
May 21-22 2016 The Second Annual POD Regatta (Puget Sound One Design) was a great success with 54 boats over 8 classes.  Winds were 5-10 on Saturday with some large shifts coming thr
Oregon Offshore 2016
Tue, 17th May 2016
The 2016 Oregon Offshore from Astoria Oregon to Victoria BC is an annual event that has seen some growth in the last few years.  This year it was a great event with wind from the start and lot
Rodrigo Cuellar Dipp to Manage Ullman Sails PV
Fri, 13th May 2016
Ullman Sails excitedly announces the opening of Ullman Sails Puerto Vallarta.  The full service loft on Mexico’s west coast offers new sails, canvas and sail service to the local sailing

Happy Ullman Customers

Testimonials from real customers

Fri, 7th Aug 2009
By Chuck Skewes

Happy Ullman Customers Testimonials from real customers

Ullman Sails customers are singing praise to Ullman Sails for great service and high quality products.  See what they have to say about Ullman Sails.


“I just wanted to let you and Chuck know that the Spinnaker that you made for us turned out beautifully. Here is a picture of my husband beside it during its “inaugural” sail. Luckily, last Saturday, the winds were perfect and we were able to sail our boat - with the Spinnaker - from out near the Coronado islands the entire way back to Point Loma / Channel with my boss, (who purchased this gift for us). We were pulling in almost 8 knots the entire way back home! The weather and wind were perfect and it was a wonderful day and the sail made it even better!”  Sue Currie

“Kathy and Chuck
Great job, great sail, and thanks for arranging great winds for the inaugural sail…you guys made a lot of people very happy!”
Jeff Drenzer

“Chuck, That new asymmetric spinnaker was very fast and helped us to our first win ever last Wednesday.  Thank you for a great sail and getting it done ahead of schedule”  Kevin Busby

“We were able to point higher and go faster than we ever have.  That CAL genoa you made us is great, thank you!”  Dan Golembuski

“Hi Chris-
I just wanted to drop you a quick note about the new sails for my FT10. I must say, the change to the boat performance was dramatic – for the first time in a year I felt the speed and height that had kept us out of serious competition. New sails made a huge difference, and the reason why Ullman is dominating the top boats in the fleet became abundantly clear – they’re fast sails!”
John Anicker
FT10 #23 “Firecracker”

I was able to hoist the new main. Mike, his two brothers, and I went for test sail yesterday evening. We had light winds and flat water. Our new "FIBERPATH" main is awesome!! What a huge difference. The boat feels a little faster, is pointing much higher, and has a lighter feel on the helm. Can hardly wait to try it out on Saturday's Pully Point Race.

Thanks for great customer service and looking forward to receiving the new #2!

Reinhard Freywald

Chuck Skewes,

On behalf of the Sr. Sabot Fleet at Mission Bay Yacht Club, please accept my sincere appreciation for your recent and very generous support of our upcoming Sr. Sabot Invitational regatta on April 24, 2010.  I'm certain that all the local/regional entrants from our Southern California Sabot fleets will be really pleased to receive one of the great Ullman Sails T-shirts you were able to provide us. 

On a personal note, I've been enjoying some fantastic sailing with the new Ullman I purchased last year for my own Sabot.  Super sail!
Thanks again for your continued support of our one-design Sabot fleets' activities.  My apologies for the delay in getting this off to you - just kept having trouble with a proper e-mail address for you in lieu of using this generic address.
Bob Henderson
Sr.Sabot Fleet Captain
Mission Bay Yacht Club


I strongly recommend Ullman Sails - I ordered through Chuck Skewes of San Diego based on his experience racing SJ24s and reputation as a sailmaker. I'm sure Chris in Seattle is great too.

I have a 2 year old Pentex 164 and dacron main. Chuck is very honest and gave us great advice. We expected to buy a pentex main and Chuck talked us into getting a dacron b/c it's easier to shape. I am very impressed with Ullman sails and our next sails will be Ullman.

Kelly 612


To join this family of happy sailors visit Ullman Sails Seattle and Ullman Sails San Diego.


This article was posted on Fri, 7th Aug 2009