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Regatta Copa Mexico - A World Class Event

Mon, 12th Mar 2012
By Sean Smith

MEXORC 2012 Regatta Copa Mexico - A World Class Event

MEXORC is great every year, here are the updates from Chuck Skewes, Erik Shampain, Tomas Span, Ricky Brockmann and Bruce Cooper at the Regatta this year.

Day 1: Pre-Race Governor's Cup Long Distance Race

Day 1: Pre-Race Governor's Cup Long Distance Race

The MEXORC is the second part of the Regatta Copa Mexico Olympic Edition, following last weeks smaller boats competition. Boats from the United States and Mexico will race together here in the beautiful waters of Banderas Bay. The competitors will be racing out of the La Cruz Yacht Club in Marina Riveria Narayit that is hosting this great regatta for third straight time!

Skippers will receive their class assignments at the Captains meeting in the morning that will determine what boats are in their race division based on size and potential speed of the boats. The competition expects to be tight amongst the big boats in Class A with defending champion "Alchemy" back from a fresh win in the SD-PV race. Alchemy will be chased by the slightly fast "Peligroso" and the pesty 52'ers "Vincitore" and "Patches" both from Acapulco.

The Class B boats will have very close racing with he fastest boat probably being the RP-50 "Blue Blazes" who also is coming off a victory in her class from the SD-PV Race, but Blazes will be having to watch the new and improved 1D-48 "Trigarante". NM-46 "Insurgente", Farr 46 "Wasabi" and the Concordia 47 "Ruahatu".

I expect the Class C boats to have the Overall Champion of last MEXORC, the Farr 40 "Flojito y Cooperando", give the other Farr 40, J-125 and other 40'ers a real test of who has the ability to score well in every race to take the fleet overall victory crown away from last year's champion. We will know soon enough!

Class D boats will probably mainly consist of the Acapulco fleet. If the wind picks up this week, we will see some real good racing with "Bandido" sailing toward the front of the class being chased by the consistently sailed "Piet Hein". Maybe if there is a lot of spinnaker action, the J-120 "Tate-i" will score some low points and be in the hunt for a podium finish!?

Muchas Gracias por velear con Ullman Sails,
Tomas Span
Ricky Brockmann
Bruce Cooper
Day 2: Windward-Leeward races #2-#3

Class A MEXORC day 2 report from Andrews 70 Alchemy

By Chuck Skewes Ullman Sails

The wind was a little heavier today and the competition was tight in Class A. Two races today both Windward Leward races had very close racing and tight mark rounding.Rio just finished putting their bulb back on their keel early in the morning from running aground near the finish of the PV race was back in the water and on the start line. In the first race Patches the TP 52 got out to an early lead and extended giving them the victory with Alchemy the Andrews 70 taking second.

The second race of the day had Patches over early having to go back and Rio showing great down wind speed on the first down wind leg getting into first and holding on to win the second race followed again by Alchemy.

Class B MEXORC day 2 report from 1D-48 Trigarante

by Bruce Cooper Ullman Sails
Trying to build momentum from yesterday's excellent race, our Mexican Navy Team on Trigarante put the hammer down for the first race of the day. The Mexican Navy boat and crew had been last place in the last two MEXORC's, so with new sails from Ullman and lots of practice we were ready to see what we could do on the buoy courses. The wind was much more South than expected, but the wind came up strong with very little wind chop that made sailing tight upwind and very open downwind. Thre Trigarante paced well with the RP-50 Blue Blazes around the race track beating the allmost sistership by only 5 seconds on corrected time!

The big news in our Class B was the other Mexican Navy boat (the NM-46 Insurgente) broke a lower lifeline and dumped 3 crew into the water on the first leg of the race! With quick manuevering and good boat handling, the fallen and wet sailors were back onboard in less than 1.5 minutes. This is very good for a recovery, the sailors in the water stuck together and made it possible for only one pass by Insurgente to grab them! The lesson learned here is if you fall in the water, do it in warm water and don't panic. A great job by skipper Javier Velasquez and crew!

Between races, the wind continued to build, so many boats switched to smaller headsails. Trigarante, Blue Blazes and Insurgente changed to #2 genoas and the rest of the fleet changed to #3 jibs. We made the right choice after listening to wind readings from the race committee to the mark set boats. It was definitely windier at the start area near the beach in Puerto Nuevo than 2.5 miles out in the bay where the windward mark was set where it was only blowing 13 knots true wind speed. The results for this race showed the #2 headsail choice was correct. Blue Blazes sailed a great race and led from wire to wire with Insurgente taking 2nd place 17 seconds ahead of Trigarante in 3rd place.

The party tent "race headquarters" was going off with some mack daddy Mexican food and rum drinks. I think the sailors were 100% focused on not having the host not have any leftovers and consumed way too much food and drink, which explains why we only got 2 reports today! Maybe we will get a few more later and we will send them to you when they are sent in after the hangovers subside!

The Las Caletas race is Race #4. There is a big party and dinner in this remote area of Banderas Bay where the racers also enjoy an exotic ancient Mexican dance show and then use the outside amphitheater for the prize giving, very cool!

Day 4: Race Windward - Leeward Races #5 & #6

Class A Andrews 70 by Chuck Skewes

For the first day back to racing it was a relatively mellow day at MEXORC. The winds started at 7 knots and slowly built to 15 and shifted right as the day progressed. The fleet was mixed up a bit from previous days with Alchemy the Andrews 70 taking their first bad race coming in 4th in the first race of the day with Cazador taking the bullet. In the 6 races 5 different boats have won a race.

Race 2 started in the 15 knots of wind and was tight competition all the way around the race course. There was a tangle after the start with Vincitori and Peligroso that may get resolved in the protest room. The right paying almost all day left the starboard lay line crowded in this big boat fleet. The second run Patches the TP 52 was able to gain the 20 seconds on Alchemy to take the win followed by Alchemy in 2nd.

With 2 races to go Alchemy leads Patches by 2 points with a throw out. Tomorrows race is the Tres Mariettas race the longest of the MEXORC Series. The entire fleet starts together and it will have a big impact on these two boats for the fleet and overall standings.

Class B 1D-48 Trigarante by Bruce Cooper

On Trigarante, we were excited to get a light air race because we have unreal upwind and downwind speed in under 10 knots, this was going to be our day, NOT! Up the first leg, we were pinched off by Ruahatu and went a little left and continued to sail toward what looked like more wind on the left, NOT. The wind filled in from the right side of the course giving Blue Blazes and Insurgente an unbelievable lead only 20 minutes into the race! Blue Blazes stretched way out and Insurgente could not keep up. Trigarante battled back from a certain last place to a fourth. Thank god we might get 8 races in and throw this score out!

The next race was windier (10-12) with Trigarante getting a perfect leeward end start ahead of all of Class B. Blue Blazes and Trigarante rounded the first mark (all the W-L courses were #4 that was Start-W-L-W-Finish downwind) only 25 seconds apart. Trigarnate's race totally changed at the next Leeward mark. As we rounded the buoy in good shape and sails coming in nicely, the spinnaker got away from the foredeck crew and went in the water and stopped the boat to a dead stop. Insurgente said they looked over and Trigarante was heeled over and the main and genoa perfectly trimmed, but were going no where! The sail came back up on deck with 7 or 8 people pulling it up and off we went again.

Blue Blazes blazed ahead and took another bullet in first place with Trigarante rallying after the spinnaker mistake to finish only 9 seconds behind and only 4 seconds ahead of Insurgente who finished 3rd.

MEXORC 2012 Preliminary Results Fleet Standings Races 1-6: *note if there are 8 races sailed, scores will be based on best of seven (one discard).

Day 5: Las Marieta's Race #7

Class A MEXORC 2012

Andrews 70 Alchemy by Chuck Skewes Ullman Sails

Today was the Las Marieta’s race, a 26 mile race where all the boats start at the same time. The winds were 9 knots at the start and built to 18 at one point in the race. The line was square to the course making it necessary to start on port.

Alchemy, Patches, and Vincitore all had great starts and got out in front of the smaller boats right away and off to the favored right side of the race course. Half way up the beat Patches was able to sail up under both Alchemy and Vincitore taking an early lead. 4 miles from the weather mark there was a 40 degree shift that Alchemy and Katana took advantage of sailing shorter distance allowing Alchemy to follow Peligroso and Patches around the weather mark ahead of Rio, Vincitore, Katana and Cazador.

On the run the north side of the bay proved to have a few knots more wind allowing Patches, Vincitore and Rio to make gains. It the end Patches won with Alchemy in second. This finish secured Alchemy's first in class for the regatta regardless of what happens tomorrow in the last race.

Tomorrow’s race is the Gold Cup Race. This is a windward leeward, triangle, windward, leeward race of about 12 miles total. The regatta organizers are getting ready for the big awards celebration and a visit from the President of Mexico to award the Copa Mexico trophy for the overall winner of MEXORC.

Class A MEXORC 2012

TP-52 PATHCES by Erik Shampain Ullman Sails

It was a great day for the big boats. Sailing fast in the warm air and flat water really has its advantages. It was a race on port to the beach to meet the right shift and then a long starboard out into the bay to the first rounding mark. Peligroso rounded first, closely followed by Patches with Alchemy in third having passed Rio by tacking early and laying the weather mark from miles away. At the mark it was a gybe set followed by a tight reach on port back into the bay. The wind shifted back left as boats gybed back to starboard nearing the finish line. The wind shifted so far left that Peligroso was forced to drop her spinnaker to make the finish line. This allowed the Patches to not only win the 'A' class but to pass Peligroso just before the finish and cross the line first. Close behind fighting for 3rd and 4th across the line was Rio followed by Vincitore.

Class B MEXORC 2012

1D-48 Trigarante by Bruce Cooper Ullman Sails

Hola Amigos, today was shaping up to be a hand full with the boat getting out of the dock late and nearly missing the tide window to get out without struggle through the shallows at the harbor entrance and then the instruments magically were not working. We made it out of the harbor with all the crew weight on the end of the boom to tilt our keel away from any rocks and sand bars, we made it! The instruments did not make it. No knot meter, no digital compass, nada! This was going to be tough because Bruce’s Spanish is only limited to so few words and the majority of the Mexican Navy crew are limited to so few English words and the knot meter was the universal language on the boat. Bruce says siete punto cinco upwind speed is bueno, the whole crew knows we need to trim and hike to get 7.5 knots of speed! It works really good when the knot meter is working!

2 minutes before the start, I said forget trying to fix the instruments, lets go get the start and mix it up with the big boys (all one start with all the boats from all the classes).Trigarante was launched with the front Class A big boats and leading all the Class B boats with a great tow on Alchemy’s and Rios’s wake for about 15-20 minutes! It’s kind of like getting an extra pull from the speed wave from the bigger faster boats, kind of like drafting in auto racing!?!

Blue Blazes closed gauge and was equal to Trigarante as both boats started to tack near shore to gain angle to the new wind that Class A had already started to sail in. At this point it was getting much windier and many boats switched to smaller sails to handle the higher winds. Blue Blazes and Trigarante knew this was only a very local wind near the Marina La Cruz and stayed with the #1 genoas which proved to be a huge gain against their class. Only a mile past the shore of Marina La Cruz the wind dropped from 16-18 knots back down to 10-12 and all the boats that switched to smaller sails were now underpowered.

The rest of the race for Trigarante was stay close to Blue Blazes and beat her to have a chance of catching and passing her on points for the overall class victory in the final race on Saturday (race #8). Both boats had excellent gybe sets at the buoy and chased each other all the way back to the finish with Trigarante edging out BlueBlazes by 83 seconds on a 140 minute race! Very close!

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Muchas Gracias por velear con Ullman Sails,
Tomas Span
Ricky Brockmann
Bruce Cooper
Day 6: Final Day of Racing - Gold Cup Race

Today is the last day of racing at the 2012 MEXORC in Banderas Bay hosted by Marina Riveria Narayit at La Cruz. So much fun, so much sun, I know this was a great week for all of the comititors and family and friends that came to Mexico this week. The wind has not been that strong this week, but the rum and tequila drinks have made up for that and always delivered a punch!

Here are the results for races 1-7, remember after the completion of race 8 today, each boat will be able to discard their worst/highest score and count their best seen races for the series scores. At this point the Andrews 70 Alchemy in Class A and the Farr 40 Flojito y Cooperando in Class C have a lock on their classes for first place and can not loose. Class B has a show down between the Mexican Navy racing the Trigarante and Dennis Pennell's Blue Blazes (both Reichel Pugh designs) and Class C has a battle between the Acapulco boats Piet Hein and Bandido. We will know by when the sun sets today, who are the winners of these classses and the overall all MEXORC Regatta Copa Mexico champion!

Day 6: Final Day of Racing - Gold Cup Race

Saturday set up to be a terrific day of sailing on the Gold Cup Course for the racers at the MEXORC with a little more wind than everyone expected and a well set race course with a true upwind, triangle, upwind layout. As mentioned in earlier reports two of the classes had near locks on who was going to place first, the Andrews 70 ALCHEMY in class A and the Farr 40 Flojito y Cooperando in class C, but class B and Class D were still up for grabs.

Class A started with no over earlys with all the boats tacking almost immediately to the right side of the course for a favorable wind shift, Class B followed suit with Blue Blazes and Ruahatu getting a slight edge off the start line. Trigarante started at the committee boat end with a slight delay to guarantee an early tack to tack to the right and get to the wind shift. The regatta is using time on time scoring, so during the race you can check/estimate your time ahead our behind your competitors that are all sailing at different speeds according to their individual rating handicap. At the first buoy, Blue Blazes was first boat already had about a 12-15 second advantage over Trigarante who rounded second! The Farr 46 Wasabi was up in the hunt in third place with their all Saturday local Mexican crew closely followed by the Concordia 47 Ruahatu.

Blue Blazes was sailing clean and fast to all the buoys with their time on Trigarante getting slightly bigger at each turn. Trigarante was watching Class B victory slowly sail away as Blue Blazes made great tacks, great gybes, great spinnaker sets and douses, the Trigarante team kept their heads in the game knowing something special was needed to catch Blue blazes.

Class A had already rounded the last buoy for a spinnaker run to the finish. Patches was launched and "on the step" leaving the last buoy on a plane while the rest of class A hoisted their spinnaker and tried to catch the speedy Patches. All the other boats on the race course can go to school about what the wind is doing ahead of them by watching the boats ahead when they put up their spinnakers and bear away set of gybe soon, indicating either the wind is constant or changing direction and/or speed. Well, Alchemy showed Trigarante the something special she was going to need to get back some time on Blue Blazes. Watching Alchemy set their spinnaker back in the pack of class A boats and gybe across the top of the course with their spinnaker clearly pulling harder with more wind, showed Trigarante the wind was stronger on the top half of the course and more toward the left side while sailing to the finish mark.

Alchemy nailed it and passed 3 boats to the finish coming in second boat for boat behind Patches! The discussion on Trigarante was clear and simple. Get to the buoy, hoist the spinnaker, set the pole with the spinnaker very open, build speed and gybe to follow a similar path of Alchemy. Blue Blazes had already rounded about three minutes ahead and was almost sailing off to victory, but stayed in line with the class A boats that were sailing the opposite side of the race course than Alchemy and in apparently less wind. Trigarante hoisted the spinnaker, square the pole, picked up speed and gybe, so far so good.

As Trigarante sailed across the top of the course to the left side lay line to gybe for the finish, it was very clear that we were closing in on Blue Blazes who had gybe to follow our path, but three minutes too late and were losing distance gained by sailing closer to Trigarante than the finish to match the same speed of Trigarante. When we made our last gybe of the regatta to turn to the finish I told the Trigarante crew make this a good one, we have a chance of winning the regatta if hold our speed and close in on Blue Blazes who also had gybed for their final approach.

Blue Blazes crossed the finish line first, but owed Trigarante about 2 minutes and 42 seconds, hold your breathe......Trigarante crossed 2 minutes and 32 seconds behind! The Mexican Navy and Trigarante placed 1st in race #8, forcing a tie on points with Blue Races for 7 races scored and wins the tie breaker with 4 first to Blue Blazes 3 first places! I can not tell you how excited the Trigarante crew was! In the wrap up I will tell you more about what the Navy did to get their boats ready for this regatta, it is a terrific story!

In Class C, The Jboats were thriving on this race course with the J-125 Timeshaver leading the pack, closely chased by two J-133's Paladin and Veloce II and the Farr 40 Flojito y Cooperando.

Class D looked a little spread out, with Bandido leading the pack and chased by the Peterson 40 Piet Hein and a gaggle of Capri 37's. The interesting thing about this fleet is the colors of the hulls give away who is where on the race course, no one can hide! Bandido is bright red and there are two very orange boats, Nitisssima and Pershephone, both Reichel Pugh boats that are very easy to see on the race course!

The results were only announce at the super prize giving dinner ceremony, so all I can report on were who was first, second and third in today's race and the series. I will post complete results when they are available.

Day 7: Final Results

Thanks for watching the action unfold at the MEXORC 2012.

You should plan on racing at the Next Regatta, it is a fun week of racing in beautiful Mexico!

Look for a wrap up report of all the week's action coming soon :-)

Final Overall - Regatta Copa Mexico

1st Andrews 70 ALCHEMY*

2nd Farr 40 Flojito y Cooperando

3rd TP-52 PATCHES*

*sails by Ullman Sails

Final Class A

1st Andrews 70 Alchemy 1-2-2-2-(3)-1-2-2= 12

2nd TP-52 Patches 2-1-(7)-4-4-2-1-1= 15

3rd TP-52 Cazador 3-3-(6)-3-1-5.5-6-5= 26.5

4th TP-52 RIO (9)-5-1-7-6-3-3-4= 29

5th SCR-52 Vincitore 5-(6)-5-6-2-5.5-4-3= 30.5

6th K 70 Peligroso 6-4-3-1-(7)-4-7-7= 32

7th K/C 49 Katana 4-(7)-4-5-5-7-5-6= 36

Final Class B

1st 1D48 Trigarante 2-1-3-1-(4)-2-1-1= 11

2nd RP-50 Blue Blazes (3)-2-1-2-1-1-2= 11

3rd NM46 Insurgente 1-(5)-2-3-2-3-3-3= 17

4th Concordia 47 Ruahatu 4-3-5-(6)-5-4-4-4= 29

5th FOX 44 Ocelot (7)-4-6-4-3-5-5-6= 33

6th Farr 46 Wasabi 6-(7)-4-5-6-6-7-5= 39

7th SC-50M Hula Girl 5-6-(7)-7-7-7-6-7= 45

Final Class C

1st Farr 40 Flojito y Cooperando (3)-1-1-1-1-1-3-2= 10

2nd J133 Paladin (6)-2-3-3-2-4-1-1= 16

3rd J133 Veloce II (4)-3-2-4-3-2-2-3= 19

4th J125 Timeshaver 1-5-4-(7)-6-3-4-4= 27

5th Farr 40 French Kiss 5-4-5-2-4-5-5-(9)= 32

6th CM1200 Velocity 2-6-5-5-5-6-7-(9)= 35

7th Serena (9)-9-9-6-7-7-6-5= 49

8th Farr 39ML Farr Out 7-7-7-(8)-8-8-8-6= 51

Final Class D

1st Peterson 40 Piet Hein 1-2-1-1-(1)0-1-3-1= 10

2nd Bandido (5)-1-2-2-1-6-4-2= 17

3rd Capri 37 Azteca 4-5-(7)-4-4-5-2-5= 26

4th Capri 37 Chivos 4-5-(7)-4-4-5-5-4= 31

5th Capri 37 Dreadnought 2-4-3-7-5-3-(8)-7=31

6th RP 42 Persephone 10()-6-5-3-6-4-7-3= 34

7th J120 Tatei-II (10)-7-6-6-3-8-1-8= 39

8th RP43 Nitissima 6-8-8-5-7-2-6-6= 40

*all Photos from STRANGE BIRD PHOTOS

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Muchas Gracias por velear con Ullman Sails,
Tomas Span
Ricky Brockmann
Bruce Cooper

Day 7: Final Results (Partial)

Thanks for following the action at MEXORC 2012! Watch for the final wrap up sent later for amazing stories of the week.

We appreciate your passion in sailing, you should be here at the next Regatta!

The results below are the class and overall finishes for the MEXORC 2012 with only 1st-3rd places. The complete results will be posted when available...hopefully soon!

Final Class A

1st Andrews 70 Alchemy 1-2-2-2-1-2-2= 12

2nd TP-52 Patches 2-1-4-4-2-1-1= 15

3rd TP-52 Cazador 3-3-6-3-1-5.5-6-?= 27.5

Class B

1st 1D48 Trigarante 2-1-3-1-2-1-1= 11

2nd RP-50 Blue Blazes 2-1-2-1-1-2-2= 11

3rd NM46 Insurgente 1-2-3-2-3-3-3= 17

Class C

1st Farr 40 Flojito y Cooperando 1-1-1-1-1-3-2= 10

2nd J133 Paladin 2-3-3-2-4-1-1= 16

3rd J133 Veloce II 3-2-4-3-2-2-3= 19

Class D

1st Peterson 40 Piet Hein 1-2-1-1-1-3-1= 10

2nd Bandido 5-1-2-2-1-4-2= 17

3rd Capri 37 Azteca 4-5-4-4-5-2-3= 27

FLEET OVERALL - Regatta Copa Mexico Trophy!

1st: Andrews 70 ALCHEMY*

2nd: Farr 40 Flojito y Cooperando

3rd: TP-52 PATCHES*

*sailing with Ullman Sails inventory

+all Photos from STRANGE BIRD PHOTOS

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Ricky Brockmann
Bruce Cooper


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