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Ullman J/24 Rig & Sail Tuning Guides

Ullman J/24 Tuning Guide

How to optimize power and pointing

This guide will provide you with the basics of tuning a J/24. Settings may vary on your sailing style, crew weight and your sailing conditions. We strongly recommend you experiment and find out which settings work best for you.

  • Mast Set Up
  • Rig Tension
  • Genoa Trim
  • Jib Trim
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Ullman fibre path genoa - Genoa trim techniquesJ/24 Recommended Mast Setup


Rig Component
Mast Pre-Bend: Measured at the spreaders 1.75 inches
Mast Butt Placement 1 to 2 inches aft of neutral
Forestay Tenstion with the Rig at Light Setting 20/15 2 to 3 fingers between the Loos guage and the forestay
Spreader Deflection 150 mm to 160 mm

J/24 Rig Tension

Wind Strength 3-7 5-10 8-12 10-14 14+
Upper Shrouds 20 23 24 27 31
Lower Shrouds 15 18 21 24 29

J/24 Genoa Trim Settings

Wind Strength 0-5 6-10 11-15 16-20 21+
Foot from Shroud 6-8 in. 6 in. 3 in. touching N/A
Leech in from Spreader Tip 6-8 in. 6-8 in. 6-8 in. 6-8 in. N/A

Jib Trim Settings

Wind Strength 16-20 21+
Leech in from Spreader Tip 2-4 in. 2 in. outboard of spreader tip
If you have any questions about J/24 Ullman sail trim that are not answered here, please contact us.