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Ullman J/92 Rig & Sail Tuning Guides

Ullman J/92 Tuning Guide

How to optimize power and pointing

This guide will provide you with the basics of tuning a J/92. Settings may vary on your sailing style, crew weight and your sailing conditions. We strongly recommend you experiment and find out which settings work best for you.

  • Boat Prep
  • Tuning the Rig
  • Steering & Sail Trim
  • Downwind

Ullman fibre path genoa - Genoa trim techniquesJ/92 Boat Preparation

  1. Install adjustable outboard genoa tracks for heavy air #1 genoa use.
  2. Fair keel and rudder to remove imperfections and have a fair shape.
  3. Add 3 inches to standard headstay to increase rake.
  4. Remove roller furling system and add Tuff Luff Headfoil
  5. Add Hall QuickVang.
  6. Add spinnaker twings Put black tape marks on lower spreaders at 2 and 4 inches inboard from outboard end of the spreader to use as a trimming reference.
  7. Install a Windex on the masthead crane.
  8. Shorten the backstay wire 8 inches to accommodate the added rake and to increase the range of the backstay adjustment.
  9. Move the mainsheet swivel/cleat system in front of the traveler for a better lead to the mainsail trimmer.
  10. Drill out additional holes in the stock jib tracks to allow for finer jib lead adjustments.

J/92 Rig Tuning

  1. 1. Place the mast butt in the center setting.
  2. Center the mast tip in the boat using a tape measure attached to the genoa halyard.
  3. Tighten the upper shrouds to 1600 lbs.
  4. Tighten the intermediate shrouds to 1000 lbs. and use them to bring the upper middle of the mast in column.
  5. Tighten the lower shrouds to 1400 lbs. and use them to bring the bottom section of the mast in column .
  6. In heavy air, tighten the uppers to 2000 lbs., the intermediates to 1200 lbs. and the lowers to 1850 lbs.
  7. In real light air and chop, loosen the shrouds to 1200 - 1400 lbs. on the uppers, 800 lbs. on the intermediates and 1000 lbs. on the lowers.

J/92 Steering & Sail Trim

  1. Do not pinch the J/92. Your best VMG comes from sailing fast
  2. When the boat feels slow, ease sails and foot to keep the boat moving, pointing will come after the boat is moving fast
  3. Trim the main so the top batten is parallel to the boom or twisted open 5 degrees. Be careful of overtrimming the mainsail.
  4. Play the headsail to keep the boat moving.
  5. Sail the boat as flat as possible!! Any heeling results in leeway and lost speed.
  6. When sailing PHRF, seven people is the minimum for enough crew weight. Depending on local PHRF rules, sail with up to 10 people in heavy air.

J/92 Downwind Rig Tuning and Steering

  1. Keep constant communication between the spinnaker trimmer and skipper.
  2. Concentrate on keeping the boat speed up and only sailing low in puffs.
  3. To sail lower in 8 knots and above, ease the tack line 18 - 36 inches above the pole end and pull the leeward twing down so the spinnaker sheet is 12 inches below the boom.

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